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The Board members are offering a few items for purchase on behalf of Welcome the Children. The funds collected from these items help facilitate our endeavors. Many individuals have been impacted as a result of the funding given to this organization. We thank you for your generous support.

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100% Corn Mug 

Made from 100% Corn Plastic, these specially designed mugs are not only biodegradable and environmentally friendly, but the proceeds go to a great cause. It’s the perfect size for morning brew with easy-grip handle.

Baby Come Home



Written By: Elizabeth Arnita


"Baby Come Home” is a story of the young bird, “Baby”, who learns the value of unconditional love and acceptance after he decides to break free from the confinement of his cage and those who love him most. The story gives children a different perspective on rules and why we need to obey them. It also offers a teaching on the unconditional love that our perfect God has for His imperfect people.


“Baby Come Home” was inspired by a true life situation. Baby was a beautiful bird owned by my son Sam. Baby would sit on Sam’s shoulder as Sam would do things around the house. It was understood that the times Sam wasn’t playing with Baby, Baby spent in his cage.


Needless to say, as time went on, the rules were bent. I would find Baby roaming the house without Sam. I tried to explain to the kids that the cage was not a punishment, but a place of protection. They had difficulty “seeing what the big deal” was. Sure enough, Baby escaped the house and was never seen again.


The parallel is easy to see. In our own lives when we look at rules given by our parents, teachers, bosses and especially God, we tend to view them as something that keeps us from having fun or from growing up. When in fact, they are put in place as an offering of protection until we are ready for the responsibilities that lie before us.


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